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Provider: Geron Corporation

Note: These lines are not yet available for shipping.

Geron Corporation Registered Cell Lines (United States)
NIH Code GE01 GE07 GE09 GE13 GE91 (clone) GE92 (clone)
Provider's Code (WiCell H1) (WiCell H7) (WiCell H9) (WiCell H13) (WiCell H9.1) (WiCell H9.2)

Geron responses to the NIH's request for information on cell characteristics, 6/12/2003

All of the embryonic stem cell lines in Geron's possession that are on the NIH Stem Cell Registry were derived elsewhere. Five of them were derived at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; two are clones of one of the Wisconsin lines; and two others were derived at the University of California, San Francisco. Under Geron's agreement with Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, we are not permitted to transfer the undifferentiated Wisconsin cell lines to third parties, except for Geron collaborators for work on projects described and directed by Geron. WiCell Research Institute does distribute the Wisconsin lines to researchers, however, and UCSF distributes the UCSF lines.

As to your specific questions: None of the lines is a frozen inner cell mass; they are all cell lines. They are all proliferating.

  • The H1, H7 and H9 lines have been extensively characterized. We have recently submitted manuscripts on the detailed characterization of these three lines. We can provide you a copy of the manuscripts in confidence, or send them to you once they have been published. The lines have the expected markers to show undifferentiated status, and we have demonstrated differentiation in all three germ layers for all 3 of the lines.

  • The H1, H7 and H9 lines have been passaged extensively. In most cases, over 70 passages have been achieved.

  • The lines are all useful for research. Two of the lines, H1 and H7, have been tested quite extensively for the presence of potential pathogens of human and animal original, based on the specified by FDA in its Points to Consider and other guidance.


These cell lines meet the criteria for the use of human embryonic stem cells by federally funded researchers.

In your grant applications please use the NIH codes, rather than the providers' codes, to identify the cell lines.

Information about the cell line comes from the provider and has not been independently verified by the NIH.

For any questions about the registry, please e-mail