Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and
Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs

The NCCAM SBIR/STTR program is a set-aside program designed to support innovative research conducted by small businesses (SBIR) or small businesses in partnership with a research institution (STTR) Scientific merit, innovation and the potential for commercialization are important factors in the review criteria used in the scientific and technical evaluation process.

NCCAM supports innovative research on complementary and alternative healing practices within the context of rigorous science. NCCAM groups these practices into four major domains, as well as whole medical systems that include multiple domains:

  1. Mind-body medicine (e.g., meditation, yoga);
  2. Biologically based practices (e.g., herbal therapies, special diets);
  3. Manipulative and body-based practices (e.g., chiropractic, massage);
  4. Energy medicine (e.g., Reiki, qi gong);
  5. Whole medical systems (e.g., traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda).

More information about NCCAM's mission and priorities is available in NCCAM's Strategic Plan.

Technology Research and Development

NCCAM encourages innovative technological research and development of commercializable CAM products that would fulfill the mission of NCCAM. The application may include basic, pre-clinical, and early phase clinical studies that can ultimately lead to a commercial CAM product. The areas of interest to NCCAM include but not limited to:

Topics that are of Less Interest to NCCAM

The NCCAM Office of Communications is responsible for disseminating CAM information to the public. Therefore applications addressing database creation or maintenance, software development, or educational materials and courses (including Continuing Medical Education courses or CD's) will not be considered relevant to the NCCAM SBIR/STTR program. Also not eligible for support are applications seeking to develop cookbooks for special diets or instructional materials for clinical practice. NCCAM does not fund clinical practice other than as a component of funded clinical research.



Contact Information

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