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NCRR's Division of Comparative Medicine helps meet the needs of biomedical researchers for high-quality, disease-free animals and specialized animal research facilities.

NCRR's Division for Clinical Research Resources provides funding to biomedical research institutions to establish and maintain specialized clinical research facilities and clinical-grade biomaterials that enable clinical and patient-oriented research.

NCRR's Science Education Partnership Awards are designed to improve life science literacy throughout the nation.

NCRR's Division of Biomedical Technology supports research to develop innovative technologies and helps make them accessible to the biomedical research community.

NCRR's Division of Research Infrastructure supports programs to enhance the competitiveness of investigators in underserved states and institutions and also provides funding to build, expand, remodel, or renovate research facilities throughout the nation.

Career Development Opportunities

Biomedical scientists must receive specialized training and a broad-based education that requires years of development before they become independent researchers. NCRR has established career-enhancing training programs for investigators who conduct basic research or evaluate new therapies in clinical trials. Many of these programs are designed to address a shortfall of well-trained scientists, including research clinicians, mouse pathobiologists, and specialists in genomics and proteomics.

Please view RFA-GM-09-012external link, opens in new window, which is intended to support research on: 1) causal factors explaining the current patterns observed in the careers of women in biomedical and behavioral science and engineering and variation across different subgroups and 2) the efficacy of programs designed to support the careers of women in these disciplines. Research on variation among underrepresented minority women and socioeconomically disadvantaged women is encouraged.

Clinical Research Career Development

NCRR participates in several clinical research career development programs designed to attract talented medical students, physicians, dentists, and allied health professionals to the challenges of clinical research. Funding opportunities are described on the following Web pages:

Comparative Medicine Career Development

Scientists experienced in comparative medicine contribute important expertise to animal, molecular, and genomic studies leading to translational research that benefits human health.

NCRR offers support for individuals, mentors, and institutions intended to enhance the research careers of individuals with D.V.M. or Ph.D. degrees, as well as predoctoral veterinary students.

Individual Training Grants

Scientists experienced in veterinary medicine contribute important expertise to animal molecular and genomic studies leading to translational research that benefits human health. NCRR offers career development support for individuals with D.V.M. or Ph.D. degrees, as well as predoctoral veterinary students. READ MORE >>

Mentoring Opportunities

Established investigators who seek to support an individuals research trainee can choose among several alternative strategies. READ MORE >>

Institutional Training Grants

NCRR offers Institutional Research Training Grants to encourage veterinarians to consider a career in biomedical research. Awards are made directly to universities and other research institutions that are in a position to provide advanced training in comparative medicine or comparative pathology. READ MORE >>

NIH Pathway to Independence Awards

NCRR's Division of Biomedical Technology and Divsion of Comparative Medicine both suppport the NIH Pathway to Independence program, which offers opportunities for promising postdoctoral scientists to receive both mentored and independent research support from the same award. READ MOREexternal link, opens in new window

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