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Provider: University of California, San Francisco

University of California, San Francisco Registered Cell Lines (United States)
NIH Code UC01 UC06
Provider's Code (HSF-1) (HSF-6)
Source IVF Clinic IVF Clinic
Category Fresh Fresh
IVF Status Surplus, to be discarded Surplus, to be discarded
Passage # TBD TBD
Mouse Feeder Cells
Used in Isolation
Yes Yes
Karyotype 46XY 46XX
Stem Cell Immuno Markers:  
SSEA-1 - -
SSEA-3 + +
SSEA-4 + +
TRA 1-60 + +
TRA 1-81 + +
Oct-4 + +
+ +
Gender Male Female
Short-Term Yes Yes
Long-Term Yes Yes
Pluripotent Yes Yes
Available 45 36
Price $5,000 $5,000
# Shipped 17 (since July 2004) 70 (since July 2004)
Total 133

TBD = To be Determined; NA = Not Applicable

This cell line meets the criteria for the use of human embryonic stem cells by federally funded researchers.

In your grant applications please use the NIH codes, rather than the providers' codes, to identify the cell lines.

Information about the cell line comes from the provider and has not been independently verified by the NIH.

For any questions about the registry, please e-mail