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National Center for Research Resources, National Institutes of Health. Providing clinical and translational researchers with the training and tools they need to transform basic discoveries into improved human health.

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NCRR's Division of Research Infrastructure supports programs to enhance the competitiveness of investigators in underserved states and institutions and also provides funding to build, expand, remodel, or renovate research facilities throughout the nation.

NCRR's Division of Biomedical Technology supports research to develop innovative technologies and helps make them accessible to the biomedical research community.

NCRR's Science Education Partnership Awards are designed to improve life science literacy throughout the nation.

NCRR's Division for Clinical Research Resources provides funding to biomedical research institutions to establish and maintain specialized clinical research facilities and clinical-grade biomaterials that enable clinical and patient-oriented research.

NCRR's Division of Comparative Medicine helps meet the needs of biomedical researchers for high-quality, disease-free animals and specialized animal research facilities.


Using funds appropriated by Congress, NCRR provides NIH-supported laboratory and clinical researchers with the infrastructure, tools, and training they need to understand, detect, treat, and prevent a wide range of diseases.

With this support, scientists engage in basic laboratory research, translate these findings to animal-based studies, and then apply them to patient-oriented research, which results in medical advances for both common and rare diseases.

Annual Funding Request

Read documents related to the Center's annual funding request (PDF files require free Acrobat Reader)

Funding Strategy

  • The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is operating on a continuing resolution (CR) [Public Law 110-329 Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance, and Continuing Appropriations Act, 2009] through March 6, 2009. The CR provides funding under the terms of the FY 2008 appropriations for the period covered by the CR. NCRR will fund FY 2009 grant awards under the CR according to the guidelines published in NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-09-002. NCRR’s FY 2009 grants funding plan will be posted on this Budget page when available.

More Information

Learn more about our budget process by visiting the NIH Office of Budget home page.

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