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NCRR's Division for Clinical Research Resources provides funding to biomedical research institutions to establish and maintain specialized clinical research facilities and clinical-grade biomaterials that enable clinical and patient-oriented research.

NCRR's Science Education Partnership Awards are designed to improve life science literacy throughout the nation.

NCRR's Division of Biomedical Technology supports research to develop innovative technologies and helps make them accessible to the biomedical research community.

NCRR's Division of Research Infrastructure supports programs to enhance the competitiveness of investigators in underserved states and institutions and also provides funding to build, expand, remodel, or renovate research facilities throughout the nation.

NCRR's Division of Comparative Medicine helps meet the needs of biomedical researchers for high-quality, disease-free animals and specialized animal research facilities.

NCRR's 2009-2013 Strategic Plan

September 16, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to share with you NCRR's strategic plan for 2009-2013. This plan reflects extensive discussions and advice from a broad spectrum of individuals, including biomedical scientists, high-level administrators in research institutions, members of professional organizations, and NIH senior program staff.

Dr. Barbara M. Alving is the Director of the National Center for Research Resources at the National Institutes of Health.

The "Strategic Plan Links" area on the right of this page provides access to the online version of the plan, which is intended to give NCRR a solid foundation for expanding and leveraging existing activities as well as creating new avenues that will address the evolving needs of the biomedical research community.

Other links include:

  • "NCRR Strategic Priorities 2009-2013: An Action Plan for the Future," a six-page summary of the themes and strategies presented in the full strategic plan.
  • "The Plan in Action," a new area on the NCRR public Web site providing updates on how action items from the plan are being implemented.
  • two slide sets that you are welcome to use as handouts or incorporate into presentations to your constituencies. The first is a full presentation about the plan, while the second contains two slides covering the planning process and timeline.
  • a four-minute video overview describing NCRR's programs and contributions to biomedical research.

The next five years will be pivotal for NCRR as it seeks to energize the discipline of clinical and translational research across the country. We will continue to enlist the help of the biomedical research community and to develop partnerships with other agencies and organizations to ensure successful implementation of the plan and its continued evolution in response to new challenges and discoveries.


Barbara Alving, M.D., M.A.C.P.
Director, NCRR

To receive a printed copy of the plan or summary, please send your request via e-mail to or telephone the NCRR Office of Communications at 301-435-0888.

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