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Provider: National Centre for Biological Sciences/Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

Note: These lines are not yet available for shipping.

National Centre for Biological Sciences/Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (India)
NIH Code NC01 NC02 NC03
Provider's Code (FCNCBS1) (FCNCBS2) (FCNCBS3)

NCBS responses to the NIH's request for information on cell characteristics

  1. What is the status of each of your embryonic stem cell derivation listed on the NIH Embryonic Stem Cell Registry?

    • Is it a frozen inner cell mass?
    • Is it proliferating?
      It was frozen after 7 days in culture. We have not characterised them. We are obtaining experience in generating new cell lines and will thaw these when we decide we have sufficient data and experience.
    • Has it undergone any characterization? If so, are there markers identified to show undifferentiated status? Is their evidence the cells can differentiate into any of the three germ layers (ectoderm, mesoderm, endoderm)?
      No evidence for that—see above.
    • If the lines are proliferating, how many passages have been achieved?
      See above.
  2. Have these derivations been shipped to any NIH-funded researchers?
  3. If the derivation has not been shipped, are there any plans to develop this derivation to research quality?
    Yes, we hope to develop these and other lines.
  4. When will they be readily available to NIH researchers?
    I hope that once they are derived and characterized they would be available to the academic community.
  5. Have any restrictions been placed on the use of these derivation by your national laws?
    The guidelines that are being discussed at this point suggest that cells may not be shipped outside of India. My understanding is that this may be allowed in the future only on approval by a National Committee on a case by case basis for research purposes.


These cell lines meet the criteria for the use of human embryonic stem cells by federally funded researchers.

* These lines are not yet available for shipping.

In your grant applications please use the NIH codes, rather than the providers' codes, to identify the cell lines.

Information about the cell line comes from the provider and has not been independently verified by the NIH.

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