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Learn the link between drug abuse and the spread of HIV infection in the United States.
Part 5: 4 real?

Sara is staring out the café window looking very worried; she doesn’t notice all the chatting taking place in the background.

“Should I tell her?” she asks herself. Then, “Kim needs us.”

The image splits to show Sara and an image of Monica walking on the street in the top-left corner. The narrator says, “She decides to text Monica.”

The image of Monica walking on the street moves in to fill the screen, as a cell phone beeps with an incoming text.

Monica looks down and thinks, “It’s my girl, Sara.”

The screen splits to show Monica’s pink cell phone and Sara in the café as they text each other.

Monica texts, “what’s up?”

Sara replies, “got bad news.”

The images change to show the screen of Monica’s cell phone and the incoming text from Sara. It says, “kim has hiv.”

The image expands to show Monica looking at her cell phone in disbelief. She replies, “4 real?”

Standing alone on a busy street, Monica tries to make sense out the news. “How did she get HIV?” she wonders.

The screen splits into four different boxes to show a still image of Monica and images of Kim and footage from the party to illustrate Monica’s flashback.

The narrator says, “Monica remembers Martín’s party, where Kim drank, took drugs from Ana, and hooked up with a guy.”

The screen changes to show four different images of Monica as she thinks to herself, “All she did was have a little fun. We all party sometimes…”

The top left image in the split screen drops to fill the screen as the narrator says, “Just then, Monica realizes that getting high and hooking up can lead to HIV.”

The clip ends with images of Sara, Pete, Kim and Monica. The narrator summarizes: “Will the rest of Kim’s friends learn the link? Check out the ‘Where R They Now’ section to see what happened.”

The screen changes to explain that the d’cisions Webisode series is brought to you by NIDA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Visit for more information.

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