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Scientific Progress/Community Outreach Working Group

There is a lack of coordination of stem cell research activities across the U.S. government, non-government agencies, and the private sector. For example, primary sources of information exchanges occur through professional societies, scientific forums, and informal meetings, etc.

The goals of the Working Group are to:

  1. Track research progress reported in publications, scientific meetings, breakthroughs with the intention of enriching the knowledge base of the Working Group with the anticipated need for updated reports on research progress.

  2. Discuss outreach to professional groups.

  3. Evaluate scientific communication needs.

  4. Pinpoint key professional research societies and engage them in dialogue to catalyze stem cell research activities.


If you have questions about the Task Force, please contact:

Science Policy and Planning Branch
National Institute on Deafness
and Other Communication Disorders, NIH
Bethesda, MD 20892
Phone: (301) 402-2313
Fax: (301) 402-2265