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Learn the link between drug abuse and the spread of HIV infection in the United States.
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Photo of Kim


Kim told her family that she’s HIV positive, and she started treatment. Her family encouraged her to join a support group, and it’s helped her meet other teenagers dealing with HIV. Kim is still in school and has joined an HIV prevention group where she educates teens about the link between drinking and taking drugs, engaging in risky sexual behaviors, and getting HIV/AIDS.


  • Monica’s friend
  • Sara’s friend
  • Met Ana at a party and took drugs from her
  • Hooked up with Pete at a party

Photo of Monica


Until she found out about Kim, Monica didn’t know about the influence of drugs and alcohol on risky behavior, which can lead to HIV transmission. She decided to get tested for HIV (the results were negative-she didn’t have it) and has been learning about HIV prevention. Monica is still friends with Kim and participates in Kim’s HIV prevention group.


  • Kim’s friend
  • Sara’s friend
  • Ana’s friend

Photo of Sara


Sara’s boyfriend, Pete, told her that he hooked up with Kim (her friend) at Martín’s party. Although it happened before Sara met Pete, Sara was pretty upset and overwhelmed about everything that was going on around her. Sara encouraged Pete to get tested for HIV and thought that it would be best if they just stayed friends-even if his test came back negative. Although Sara and Pete had not been intimate, she also decided to take the HIV test with him, and she tested negative.


  • Kim’s friend
  • Monica’s friend
  • Dated Pete

Photo of Pete


After learning that Kim was HIV positive, Pete realized he could have HIV, too. Scared and unsure about what to do, he told Sara what happened and decided to take a test to learn his status. Pete tested positive for HIV and started taking medication as a part of his treatment regimen. In addition to medically treating his HIV, he joined a support group to get meet others with HIV/AIDS. Although Pete is healthy, he decided not to participate in sports this year until he’s more familiar with his medications and their side effects. Since learning about Kim’s HIV status, he does think about her and what happened at Martín’s party, but has been too afraid and embarrassed to talk to her.


  • Hooked up with Kim
  • Dated Sara

Photo of Ana


Ana found out that Kim and Pete are HIV positive, but she didn’t realize that the drugs she gave them contributed to the situation. It wasn’t until Ana participated in NIDA’s Drug Facts Chat Day at her school where she found out how drugs change the way the brain works that she made the connection between drugs and HIV.


  • Monica’s friend
  • Gave Kim and Pete drugs at Martín’s party

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