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NIH Graduate Student Body List Serv

Two distributions lists serve the NIH graduate students as a whole: OITE-Grads (sponsored by the GPP) and NIH_GSX (sponsored by the GSC).

OITE-Grads (

The NIH Graduate Partnerships Program (GPP) hosts the OITE-Grads listserv and is used to post notices about workshops and activities sponsored by NIH, GPP, or GSC.  Messages submitted to OITE-Grads go through an approval process prior to distribution in an effort to minimize unwanted email.

All graduate students performing dissertation research within the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP) are welcome to join OITE-Grads.

{Click to Join OITE-grads}

NIH Graduate Student Exchange (NIH_GSX) - Social List Serv

NIH Graduate Student Exchange (NIH_GSX) is a social listserv for NIH graduate students hosted on Yahoo! Groups and is by grads for grads.

{Click to Join NIH_GSX}

NIH_GSX requires registration to access content. An e-mail address is required to post & receive messages on the message board. Send a message to the board if you're interested in setting up a hike on the weekend, going out after work to grab some food, seeing a movie or if you're looking for a ride home for the holidays. NIH_GSX also allows one to chat with members & upload/download files (under 1MB). The links page will be continually updated with important info for students at the NIH Bethesda campus as well as for those of us in off campus locations.

Now for the always enjoyable Rules of Use section... The site is currently moderated so each new member & post has to be approved. We will gradually remove this requirement as members become familiar with the site & netiquette, or until so many of us find this an invaluable service that Reid is spending way too much time on the Internet!

1. PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD SPAM TO THE GROUP (i.e. that hilarious joke/picture/link from your friend)!

2. Feel free to post professional, social, recreational, athletic events to the message board - remember to check the Links page prior to posting NIH events to prevent redundancy as both the NIH Yellow Sheet & GSC Calendar are linked.

3. PLEASE REPLY ONLY TO THE PERSON WHO POSTED THE MESSAGE when arranging social events. Sending a message to the NIH_GSX group address will send it to everyone.

4. You can control the kind of messages you receive. When creating your account you may choose to receive all individual e-mail messages or only special bulletins. This allows you to control the number & type of messages you will receive.

5. If you'd like to take advantage of the chat & file upload functions, you will need to register for a Yahoo! ID as well.

Go to the site, look around, figure it out a little and then email with any questions/suggestions you may have!


Program specific list servs: - Brown Graduate Students {Click to join Brown list serv} - Boston Graduate Students {Click to join Boston list serv} - Georgetown Graduate Students {Click to join Georgetown list serv} - George Washington Graduate Students {Click to join George Washington list serv} - Johns Hopkins Graduate Students {Click to join Johns Hopkins list serv} - Karolinska Graduate Students {Click to join Karolinska list serv} - NIH MD/PHD students and faculty {Click to join MD/PHD list serv} - NCI Molecular Pathology Graduate Students {Click to join Molecular Pathology list serv} - NIDCD/UMD Graduate Students {Click to join NIDCD/UMD list serv} - NINR Graduate Students {Click to join NINR list serv} - New York Graduate Students {Click to join New York list serv} - OX-CAM graduate students {Click to join OX-CAM list serv} - RML/UMT Graduate Students {Click to join  RML/UMT list serv} - U-Maryland Graduate Students {Click to join U-Maryland list serv} - U-N-Carolina Graduate Students {Click to join U-North Carolina list serv} - U-Pennsylvania Graduate Students  {Click to join Pennsylvania list serv}


Building list servs:

Below you will find the various "building" list servs we have created. The main campus has been split into 3 regions to group lower populated buildings with those which have a greater number of grad students. The purpose of these lists are to foster communication among grad students and have a monthly lunch with grad students in your region of campus. We have also created list serv's for the other campus's. Please join your appropriate list serv since we have not assigned people to specific list serv's (to prevent those from not wanting to participate from getting too many emails). We will have our first monthly lunch sometime in May 2008.

Main Campus
1. GSC-EAST@LIST.NIH.GOV (Buildings 6, 6B, 15K, 31, 33, 4, 5, 8 8A, 9, 12, 13, 17, 50, 14, 18, 18T, 41, 38A) (102 possible grad students)

2. GSC-MIDDLE@LIST.NIH.GOV (Building 10 & CRC) (104 possible grad students)

3. GSC-WEST@LIST.NIH.GOV (Buildings 29A, 29, 30, 49, 37, 40, 35) (115 possible grad students)

North Carolina:
GSC-NC@LIST.NIH.GOV (Research Triangle Park & Building 101) (7 possible grad students)

GSC-POOLESVILLE@LIST.NIH.GOV (Poolesville & Building 112) (2 possible grad students)

GSC-ROCKVILLE@LIST.NIH.GOV (Building 9800C & 5 Research Court) (6 possible grad students)

GSC-TWINBROOK@LIST.NIH.GOV (Twinbrook I & II, Fischerlane) (9 possible grad students)

GSC-BALTIMORE@LIST.NIH.GOV (Triad, GRC and Building C) (11 possible grad students)

Executive Plaza:
GSC-EXECPLAZA@LIST.NIH.GOV (28 possible grad students)

GSC-FREDERICK@LIST.NIH.GOV (Frederick & Building 560) (12 possible grad students)


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