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Cancer Incidence and Mortality Patterns among Specific Asian and Pacific Islander Populations in the US

In this paper, collaborators from the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences and the Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities report cancer incidence, mortality, and stage distributions among Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) residing in the US.  Health disparities are noted, using the cancer experience of the non-Hispanic white population as the referent group.

Miller BA, Chu KC, Hankey BF, Ries LAG. Cancer incidence and mortality patterns among specific Asian and Pacific Islander populations in the U.S. Cancer Causes Control 2008 Apr;19(3):227-56.

SEER incidence and US mortality databases have been created for use within the SEER*Stat software to enable public health researchers to further investigate cancer patterns among API groups. These data are for the for the years 1998-2002, the same as those published in the paper. See Detailed Asian/Pacific Islander Databases (2000-Centered) for more information.