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Office of Strategic Management Planning (OSMP)

The Office of Strategic Management Planning (OSMP) provides assistance to the NIH leadership with the development and accomplishment of goals and strategic and technical plans for emerging and ongoing human capital programs; preparation of NIH programs and support activities to achieve the long term goals of the NIH mission; and implementation, operation and evaluation of key workforce programs. OSMP develops and accomplishes short and long range initiatives through an active and ongoing partnership with the staff of the NIH, Office of Human Resources and other NIH components.

O S M P Organizational Chart

Program Development & Analysis Division

Welcome to the Program Development and Analysis Division (PDA). Our role at the NIH is to facilitate program development, implementation and effectiveness through integrated planning, measurement, evaluation, and interventions; and to support NIH strategic planning through data-driven decision-making. PDA is responsible for program development, planning and coordination, support, and analysis. PDA provides NIH with the expert technical, consultative, and analytical resources required for cross-organizational NIH initiatives, special projects, and serves as a liaison with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in relation to human capital issues. PDA works closely with the Office of Human Resources (OHR) and the Office of Management (OM) to help the NIH achieve its mission.

Workforce Support & Development Division

The functional statement of the Workforce Support and Development Division (WSDD) states: The WSDD provides overall management to the three centers. The WSDD also provides management of all marketing, communications, policy and correspondence of the Division. With the Office of the Director, the management of the NIH Awards Program is carried out which includes: Coordinating and providing employee services and communications for the entire NIH Director’s Awards Program which encompasses the Annual NIH Director’s Awards Program, the NIH Mentoring Award Program, the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research Award Program. Also included are outside awards that apply to any non-scientific award that is from either the Department or any organization that is not part of DHHS. The Awards Program also includes the services and communications for the DHHS Secretary’s Awards Program for Distinguished Service.