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History and Definitions

The NIH is committed to supporting a coordinated, innovative and interdisciplinary biomedical CFS research program. We will continue to stimulate interest among researchers new to the area as well as to ensure that current researchers remain dedicated to submitting new and meritorious proposals. The coordination of NIH CFS research is now in the Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH) of the Office of the Director (OD). We recognize CFS as a multisystemic illness that requires a thorough interdisciplinary approach encompassing the scientific missions of many of the NIH institutes and centers. The ORWH leadership role is exercised through the Trans NIH Working Group for Research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (WG), which it chairs and convenes monthly.

  • Stimulate and support research on CFS within the context of the missions of all Institutes, Centers and Offices.
  • Collaborate and coordinate the research agendas of all Institutes, Centers and Offices to issue on a regular basis joint Program Announcements or theme related Request for Applications to further interdisciplinary research in CFS.
  • Present new knowledge to and facilitate novel theoretical approaches to CFS among NIH scientists.
  • Plan and sponsor scientific symposia to foster awareness, provoke new scientific interest, and generate interdisciplinary collaboration on CFS among both the NIH and Academic medical community.
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