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Conclusions and Future Plans

The most important contribution that the NIH can make toward advancing knowledge regarding CFS at this time is to stimulate and support high quality research throughout its programs on the causes, consequences and treatment of CFS and related diseases. To this end, the CFSWG is planning three new scientific workshops to address:
  • Study of CFS across the lifespan
  • Treatment Approaches to CFS,
  • Issue in Doctor-Patient Relationships in the clinical interview to explicate the stigma that is felt by many multisystemic disease sufferers to impact their medical care.

It is expected that, by continuing and expanding on efforts to solicit and fund new scientific initiatives as well as to attract new researchers to the field, the NIH will increase the number of opportunities available to direct increased resources to CFS research. It is also expected that by cooperating in planning these interdisciplinary initiatives, the many ICs working on CFS will increase cooperation in encouraging multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary CFS research as well cofunding such research.

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