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Cancer Risk Prediction Models: A Workshop on Development, Evaluation, & Application

As the number and sophistication of cancer prediction models have grown in the last few years, so too has interest in ensuring that these models are appropriately applied, correctly developed, and rigorously evaluated. On May 20-21, 2004, a workshop led and organized by investigators in DCCPS and co-sponsored by DCEG and NIH's Office of Women's Health, entitled "Cancer Risk Prediction Models: A Workshop on Development, Evaluation, and Application", was held in Washington, DC. More than 100 experts currently developing, evaluating, or using risk models met to identify strengths and limitations of cancer and genetic susceptibility models currently in use and under development; explore methodological issues related to their development, evaluation, and validation; and identify research priorities and resources needed to advance the field. A commentary on the workshop was published in the May 18, 2005 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. All lectures and poster abstracts from the workshop are also available.

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30 May 2007
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