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Topic Training Materials Date Posted
Registration in Commons
Self-guided training that walks you through the steps for Registering in Commons.

Automated training that shows you How to Affiliate a PI with a New Institution.
Aug. 19, 2005

Dec. 22, 2006
Finding the application package Follow along as we walk through the steps to find opportunities in the NIH Guide and download the application package. (PDF - 524 KB); Automated Demo - 8 minutes, 30 seconds Nov. 30, 2006 (PDF)
Jan. 26, 2007
Process Overview Hands-On Workshop Guide
(Powerpoint - 4.89 MB) Handout
This guide is a comprehensive overview of the NIH electronic grant application process. The PowerPoint "Notes View" provides the detailed instructor notes from the hands-on workshops.
December 14, 2006
  eSubmission Pop Quiz - Key Training Lab Points
(Powerpoint - 861 KB) Handout
This brief slideshow drives home the key points from the hands-on training lab sessions. Topics include who registers & where, what is on-time submission, how to submit a Changed/Corrected application and more.
January 12, 2007
  Interacting Electronically: Part I
Video* (RealPlayer - 67 minutes); (PowerPoint - 4.07 MB) Handout
Sit back and watch this informative overview of NIH’s transition plans and the electronic submission process.
June 12, 2006
  Overview of the Electronic Grant Application Process
Plenary presentation from Dec. 5, 2006 training session
Presentation Materials
December 5, 2006
Completing the application form

Grants.gov forms based navigation for PureEdge (Flash Presentation)
Grants.gov forms based navigation for Adobe (Flash Presentation)

Automated training from the Grants.gov Web site on filling out and completing PureEdge and Adobe application forms.

Review of the SF424 (R&R) form A Walk Through the SF424 (R&R)
(PowerPoint - 913 KB)
The presentation highlights the various sections of the SF424 (R&R) application forms with handy tips on filling out the forms.
Oct. 22, 2008
Checking Status and Viewing Application

Follow the steps for checking submission status and viewing the assembled application in eRA Commons
For Signing Official (PDF - 720 KB); Automated Demo - 9 minutes, 41 seconds
For PrincipaI Investigator (PDF - 787 KB); Automated Demo - 8 minutes, 20 seconds

Nov. 30, 2006 (PDF)
Jan. 26, 2007
Getting used to Commons Creating a Commons Demo Account (PDF - 574 KB)
Create a user name and passwords to access the Commons Demo facility, where you can familiarize yourself with viewing status of application, checking for errors and warnings and viewing the assembled application. This exercise serves as a practice run for using the real world Commons.
Nov. 21, 2006
Other features of Commons Interacting Electronically: Part II
Video* (RealPlayer - 19 minutes, 53 seconds); (PowerPoint - 1.39 MB) Handout
A look at additional eRA Commons features such as Status, JIT and eSNAP.
June 12, 2006

*Important Note: To watch videocasts, you will need the RealPlayer software from Real Networks. Download this free RealPlayer (NIH staff download this Windows or Mac RealPlayer). Additional Videocast Instructions.