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We would like to hear about your experiences with the NIH electronic submission program. We are particularly interested in any specific suggestions you have for improvement. It is our sincere hope that your feedback will help us to enhance our systems and support and create a better overall program moving forward.

Although we will not be able to respond individually to each comment or suggestion, we will carefully review your input and take it into consideration as we move forward with process improvements.

Please send comments or suggestions via email to NIH Electronic Submission at NIHElectronicSubmiss@mail.nih.gov.

Please note that this mailbox is used exclusively for sending alerts and receiving feedback regarding the NIH Electronic Submission program. It is not designed to replace normal support channels. If you have any specific questions regarding electronic submission, please send them directly to the appropriate support desk (see http://era.nih.gov/ElectronicReceipt/support.htm).

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