Office of Research on Women's Health

Opportunities for Women in Biomedical Careers

In 1992, the ORWH sponsored a public hearing and workshop on women in biomedical careers. You can order the report from this meeting, Women in Biomedical Careers: Dynamics of Change, Strategies for the 21st Century, which inspired the development of a wide variety of programs and strategies.

The barriers to women's professional advancement within the biomedical community form a continuum of gender bias in the sciences that begins long before entry into the workplace. The cultural and institutional disincentives that begin for many young women in the early years of their scientific training are key determinants in their decisions about whether to pursue a career in science or choose another profession.

The barriers were identified as:

  • Recruiting women to biomedical sciences
  • Visibility, role models and mentors
  • Career paths and equity in rewards
  • Re-entry into a biomedical career
  • Family responsibilities
  • Sexual discrimination and sexual harassment
  • Research initiatives on women's health
  • Sensitizing men about special career concerns of women
  • Minorities and racial discrimination.

A report from this effort, Women in Biomedical Careers: Dynamics of Change; Strategies for the 21st Century, continues to serve as the basis for ORWH activities to fulfill its mandate to foster women=s participation and advancement in biomedical careers. Click below to order theis publication.

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