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Experience of Care & Health Outcomes of Survivors of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma (ECHOS-NHL) Study:


What issues did the ECHOS-NHL study examine?

The ECHOS-NHL survey addressed the following areas:

  • Follow-up Cancer Care
    • frequency and nature of health care visits, specialty of physicians seen, length of survivor-physician relationship, and physicians' communication behavior;
    • attitude toward follow-up care;
    • overall rating of and satisfaction with care; and
    • preference for discussing psychosocial problems with follow-up care physician.
  • Late Effects of Medical Treatment
    • late effect versus pre-cancer co-morbid status of 41 medical conditions; and
    • women's health.
  • Cognitive Appraisal
    • risk perception, personal control, perceived health competence, optimism; and
    • perceived life change due to cancer.
  • Symptoms and Health-related Quality of Life
    • physical symptoms;
    • physical and mental health summary scores;
    • depression and anxiety;
    • fatigue;
    • sexual functioning; and
    • cognitive functioning.
  • Health Behaviors
    • physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption; and
    • use of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM).
  • Cancer-related Information Needs
  • Social Support
  • Sociodemographic and Clinical Information

Last modified:
08 Jan 2008
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