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IPF Number - Name Search

An IPF Number (Institutional Profile File) is a unique number that is used by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for tracking and reporting on grant awards to grantee organizations. This query will return a list of grantee institutions based on a name search. The query will return the IPF Number, Institution Name and Location for all organizations that have or have had grant support from the NIH.

Enter Full or Partial Institution Name:


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You can enter a partial name (e.g., "Maryland") and the query will return all institutions in which "Maryland" appears anywhere within the name.

You should enter as much information as possible that you think will still provide a match. If the query is too broad (e.g., a search on "University"), you may get a result of a couple of thousand institutions, and that will take quite a long time to download.

If you already know your IPF number and want to search for Pending Progress Reports for your organization, go to the "Search for Progress Report Query", also on the eRA website. For technical information on this page or to report a Web problem, contact the NIH Commons Helpdesk. For all other grant or progress report-related issues, contact your NIH awarding component or the NIH Grants Policy Office.

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