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What are the two components of SEER-MHOS?

NCI's SEER program collects information about cancer site, stage, and histology for persons newly diagnosed with cancer who reside in one of the SEER geographic areas.

The MHOS was developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) under contract to CMS. It measures the outcomes of care provided by Medicare Advantage managed care plans to their members.

The MHOS includes a 95-item core questionnaire administered to 1,000 randomly selected members of each managed care organization that participates in the program. In plans with fewer than 1,000 enrollees, all eligible members are surveyed. The survey was administered in May 1998 and again to the same group in the spring of 2000. A new cohort is selected each year for baseline measurement and a 2-year follow-up assessment.

Last modified:
08 Jan 2008
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