Pathology, Body Weight, and Survival Tables for Peer Review

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The NTP publishes the results of short-term rodent toxicology studies in its NTP Toxicity Report series and the results of longer-term, toxicology and carcinogenicity studies as NTP Technical Reports. Pathology data from the NTP rodent studies included in these reports undergo several reviews. The final review is by the pathology working group (PWG), a panel of experts convened by the NTP to review the microscopic evaluations.

After the NTP PWG review, pathology tables and body weight and survival graphs for the completed studies are made publicly available on this page of the NTP website until draft study reports are completed for peer review.

When the draft reports are completed for peer-review, the abstracts are put on the NTP website with the list of reports. The pathology tables and the body weight and survival graphs  are accessible at the end of the abstract text (Long Term, Short Term, Genetically Modified Models).

Following peer review, the NTP finalizes the report, posts it on its website  (Long Term, Short Term, Genetically Modified Models)   and provides electronic links to the final pathology tables and the curves for body weight and survival.

Note: The pathology data and curves for body weight and survival posted on this website from studies undergoing peer review have not been formally disseminated by the NTP and should not be construed to represent any agency determination or policy. During the peer review process, if changes in the pathology diagnosis are made, the NTP will revise the pathology tables assessable on its website with notation that they have been changed. They will be considered final once the NTP disseminates the final NTP Technical or Toxicity Report.


TR-(tbd) 1-Bromopropane

TR-(tbd) bis(2-Chloroethoxy)methane

TR-558 3,3',4,4'-Tetrachloroazobenzene

TR-559 TEF Evaluation (PCB 118)

TR-560 Androstenedione

TR-561 Tetralin

TR-562 Goldenseal Root Powder

TR-(tbd) Ginseng

TR-(tbd) Pulegone

TR-(tbd) Milk thistle extract

TR-(tbd) Diethylamine

TOX-60 Peroxisome Project (Dibutylphthalate)

TOX-62 Peroxisome Project (WY-14,643)

TOX-63 Peroxisome Project (2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid)

TOX-64 Peroxisome Project (Gemfibrozil)

TOX-76 2,4-Decadienal

TOX-77 Hexachlorobenzene

TOX-78 Triethylamine

TOX-80 Sodium Thioglycolate

TOX-81 alpha-Pinene

TOX-83 o-Chloropyridine

TOX- (tbd) Metal Working Fluids (Trim SC 210)