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About Risk Factor Monitoring & Methods:


Mission of the Risk Factor Monitoring & Methods Branch

The Risk Factor Monitoring and Methods Branch (RFMMB) is one of three branches in NCI's Applied Research Program. The attached organization chart shows RFMMB's position within NCI's structure.

Our mission is to contribute to reducing cancer in the US population by serving as a critical link between etiologic research on cancer risk factors and the translation of such research into targeted and effective interventions for prevention. We carry out our mission through work in three areas:

  • monitoring cancer-related behaviors and other risk factors among the general population and among selected population subgroups;
  • developing and improving the methods of assessing such factors; and
  • providing data to assist in formulating public policies addressing these factors.

Areas of Research explains our work in greater detail. Surveys and Studies describes ongoing projects supported by the Branch. Tools for Researchers provides questionnaires, instruments, and databases we have developed or use in our research. Publications and Research Summaries lists papers published by our staff and provides summaries of key recent work.

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30 Mar 2007
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