National Diabetes Education Program
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Awareness Campaigns

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To help fulfill its mission of changing the way diabetes is treated, the NDEP has created awareness campaigns to spread the good news about diabetes prevention and control. With these campaign tools, you can help get these important, motivational messages out to your community.


Current NDEP Campaigns

Learn about the current NDEP campaigns and what you can do to help change the way diabetes is treated.

Getting a Campaign Started

Find out what you need to get a diabetes awareness campaign started in your community and get the tools to make it happen.

Campaign Tools

Get online access to all of the NDEP's campaign tools, including Public Service Announcements (PSAs), fact sheets, press releases, and feature articles, that you can customize, distribute, and promote in your local market.

Tips for Working with the Media

Working with the media is an important part of any campaign. Get useful information and tips to help you work with your local media.