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A Tour of AIDSinfo

The AIDSinfo Web site is organized around five main subject categories about HIV/AIDS clinical trials and treatment:


This category contains links to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) HIV guidelines. Click on this category to view or download current and archived versions of the guidelines. Recent news, related documents, and Web site resources that pertain to treating or preventing HIV infection and opportunistic infections are also found in this section.


This category contains information about each of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved anti-HIV (antiretroviral) medications. Click on this category to locate drug-specific information such as side effects and interactions with food or other drugs. Links to literature citations and clinical trials are provided for each of the FDA-approved medications. You will also find links to specific sections of the DHHS guidelines that pertain to a particular drug. The AIDSinfo Drug Database is available under this category. This database contains HIV/AIDS drug fact sheets describing the drug’s use, pharmacology, toxicity, and other information. The database contains both FDA-approved and investigational drugs. Information in the database is available in both technical and non-technical language.

  Clinical Trials

In this category you can browse the database to find HIV/AIDS clinical trials, or you can click on 'create your own search' to customize a search query. Links to recent news, related documents, and Web site resources that are relevant to HIV/AIDS clinical trials are found in this section.


This category contains information on preventive and therapeutic HIV/AIDS vaccine research. Links to recent news, related documents, and Web site resources that are relevant to HIV vaccines clinical trials are found in this section.

  Health Topics

This category contains information for three major groups: patients/general public, health care providers, and researchers. Click on this category to find links to various brochures, fact sheets, and other Web resources that are of interest to these specific groups of individuals.

  AIDSinfo Tools

Since people process information in different ways, AIDSinfo offers several options. Under the AIDSinfo Tools tab, you will see how to talk to a Health Information Specialist by phone, or communicate via 'Live Help.' If you prefer to conduct your own search, use the 'Site Search' feature to locate information. Stay current with 'HIV/AIDS News.' The 'HIV Glossary' is an easy-to-use feature that helps you quickly define HIV/AIDS-related terms. The 'Order Pubs' feature allows you to order publications online.

  Live Help

Real time, online assistance provided by trained health information specialists who are knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS, clinical trials for HIV treatment and prevention, hotlines, publications, web sites, and other information about HIV/AIDS-related resources.

  Site Search

Use this feature (located in the upper righthand corner of our site,) to quickly locate information. Enter a word or words into the search box, then click on 'Go.'


This section highlights new information. A link to 'News' items is found on each page.

  HIV Glossary

Use this feature to search a glossary of HIV/AIDS-related terms and definitions.

  Order Pubs

Publications available through AIDSinfo can be ordered via this feature. Click on 'order pubs' to search for educational materials.