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Online Exhibits

A Photographic Gallery: Images of NLM and NIH (Exhibit) - An online photographic exhibit of its image collections. The NLM collections date from 1836 - when it was founded as the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office, United States Army. (National Library of Medicine)
A Revolution In Progress: Human Genetics and Medical Research (National Institutes of Health) (Exhibit) - An online exhibt that includes: Genetic Basics - What Are Genes and What Do They Do; Diagnosing and Treating Genetic Diseases; Genes and Drugs, Vaccines, and Enzyme Replacement Therapy; Gene Therapy; The Human Genome Project; Ethics and Genetics; and Guiding the Revolution. (DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research) (Office of NIH History)
A Short History of the National Institutes of Health (Exhibit) - An illustrated history of the National Institutes of Health, beginning with its creation as a one-room facility in 1887. (DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research) (Office of NIH History)
A Thin Blue Line: The History of the Pregnancy Test Kit (Exhibit) - An online exhibit about the history of the home pregnancy test and examination of its place in our culture. Research that led to a sensitive, accurate pregnancy test was done by scientists in the Reproductive Research Branch of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at NIH. (DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research) (Office of NIH History)
An Online Art and Architecture Tour of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (Exhibit) - An online photographic tour of its collections and architecture. (National Library of Medicine)
Beacon of Hope (Exhibit) - A history of the NIH Clinical Center's first forty years, this illustrated essay covers the founding years (1944-1953), the growth years (1953-1969), and the years of change and renewal (1969-1993). (DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research) (Office of NIH History)
Breath of Life (Exhibit) - An online exhibt that examines the medical and human history of asthma. (National Library of Medicine)
Changing the Face of Medicine (Exhibit) - Discover the many ways that women have influenced and enhanced the practice of medicine. The individuals featured here provide an intriguing glimpse of the broader community of women doctors who are making a difference. The National Library of Medicine is pleased to present this exhibition honoring the lives and accomplishments of these women in the hope of inspiring a new generation of medical pioneers. (National Library of Medicine)
Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Exhibit) - An online exhibit of approximately 2,000 volumes of Chinese medical classics. This exhibit displays some of the earliest and most interesting texts from the NLM collection. (National Library of Medicine)
Converging Pathways of Pain Research at NIDCR (Exhibit) - Online exhibit about the evolution of pain research at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, NIH. (DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Museum of Medical Research) (Office of NIH History)

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