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General Information

Parking permits may be obtained at the Employee Transportation Services Office (ETSO), located in Building 31, RM B3B04.

Employees must present a valid NIH identification card, valid registration certificate (or copy) for each vehicle (maximum of 3), and a valid driver's license.

Each vehicle parking on the NIH campus, excluding visitors' vehicles, must display an NIH Parking Permit. This mirror hanger permit must hang from the vehicle's rearview mirror so that it is clearly visible through the windshield while parking at the NIH. This parking permit may be transferred between the vehicles that have been registered with the ETSO (maximum of 3).

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Permit Renewal

Parking permits are to be renewed by the last day of the expiration month shown on the hanger.

Below are the expiration months for all annual permits, by type.

Permit Type Last Initial   Expiration Month
General A - B   January
General C - D   February
General E - G   March
General H - J   May
General K - L   June
General M - N   July
General O - R   August
General S - T   September
General U - Z   November
Off-Campus Not Applicable   December
Carpool Not Applicable   October
Van Pool Not Applicable   November
Red Not Applicable   April
Satellite Not Applicable   May
Contractor A - M   September
Contractor N - Z   December

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Types of Permits

Carpool permits are issued to two or more persons, each of whom is eligible to obtain individual General, Contractor or Red permits; i.e., each person must be the registered owner of a vehicle and possesses a valid NIH identification card and a driver's license. This permit is valid in areas with "CP Spaces reserved until 9:30 a.m." in designated portions of parking lots throughout the campus. If carpool spaces are full, this permit authorizes parking in "General" parking spaces. Carpool parking permits are valid in RED areas after 3:00 p.m.

Vanpool permits are issued only to registered NIH vanpools and is recognized in areas designated for "Van Pool Parking" only spaces. All vanpool parking spaces are reserved throughout the day.

General permits are issued to individual employees. This permit is valid in areas marked for "Permit Holders ONLY". After 9:30 a.m., the General Permit is also valid in areas designated for carpools. After 3:00 p.m., the General Permit is valid in RED parking areas. This permit, when displayed with either an NIH handicapped permit or State issued handicapped placard is valid in designated handicapped parking spaces. This permit is issued for a one-year period based on the first letter of their last name.

Contractor permits are the same as a General Parking Permit. This permit is issued only to Contractors who are assigned office space at the NIH campus. It is not issued to construction-contractors. Contractors are required to use form NIH 2788-2 Request for Campus Parking Permit for Contract Employees to request and renew parking permits.

Off-Campus Employee permits are issued to NIH employees who have a primary duty station listed at an off-campus facility. This permit is the same as a General Parking Permit and allows those off-campus employees who may have a need to park on the campus to do so.

Preferential (red) permits are issued to individuals at the executive level (GS/GM 15, CO-6 and above, and equivalent grade level employees). This permit is valid in areas designated "RED Permit Holders Only". If these spaces are full, RED permit holders may then park in "General Spaces". Red Permit holders may park also park in Carpool Spaces after 9:30 a.m.

Permits for Employees with Disabilities are issued to individuals who have any of the other types of permits and who also have provided adequate documentation to establish a physical disability of sufficient severity to warrant priority parking. The Occupational Medical Services (OMS) located in Building 10, 6th floor, reviews requests for disabled parking permits. After reviewing and determining suitability for either a permanent or temporary disability, OMS will notify the ETSO. Notifications are normally sent from OMS to the ETSO on a daily basis.

Temporary permits are issued for short time periods when necessary. Issuance of temporary permits is limited by regulation.

Satellite parking permits are issued to employees who are participating in the NIH Transhare Program. To obtain this permit, all other types of NIH parking hangers MUST be surrendered. The Satellite Parking Hanger is valid at the New Carrollton East Parking Lot. It is not valid for parking at the Mid-Pike Plaza Commuter Parking Lot.

Summer employees are prohibited from parking on the main campus during their appointment. They are provided a temporary parking permit which enables them to park at the Mid-Pike Plaza commuter parking lot located in Rockville, at the intersection of Rockville Pike (MD 355) and Montrose Road.


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