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Cancer Quality of Care Measures Project

Far too many of the more than 9 million U.S. cancer patients and survivors do not receive high-quality care. In many instances, no consensus exists on what "quality care" is. Even when consensus may have developed, wide variations in practice patterns suggest that significant disparities in cancer care persist across populations.

As a result, NCI has made improving the quality of cancer care a major priority (see The Nation's Investment in Cancer Research for more information). An important element of this priority area is identifying, developing, applying, and evaluating quality of care measures. The centerpiece of the effort to identify a core set of quality measures, and recommendations for further measures development, is the Cancer Quality of Care Measures Project. Such measures can be used for a range of purposes, such as monitoring the quality of cancer care in defined populations, evaluating the performance of health plans and providers, and guiding quality improvement activities. The project's overall aim was to strengthen the scientific basis for public and private sector decision-making in the areas of cancer care delivery, purchasing and insurance coverage, regulation and standards setting, and the conduct of future research on improving cancer care delivery.

In this project, NCI is collaborating with other Federal agencies, a number of private sector organizations, and the non-profit National Quality Forum (NQF) to identify evidence-based quality measures for diagnosing and treating certain major types of cancer, as well as "cross-cutting" measures that apply to multiple cancer sites (e.g., measures for screening or palliative care).

The project launched Phase I in 2002 and completed Phase II in the fall of 2007. The final report from the project is currently under review, and NCI is working with AHRQ and the NQF on a series of follow-up activities.

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08 Jan 2008
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