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Below is list of HIV/AIDS-related drugs linked to their fact sheets in the AIDSinfo Drug Database. The drugs are grouped first as either FDA-approved or Investigational, then alphabetically by drug class.
  Investigational Drugs
  Entry and Fusion Inhibitors
  AMD 070
  PRO 140
  SCH 417690
  TNX 355
  Vicriviroc maleate
  Integrase Inhibitors
  GS 9137 (elvitegravir)
  BMS 378806
  CS (Ushercell)
  CV-N Protein
  Carbomer 974
  Carbomer 974P
  Carbopol 974P
  Carbopol polymer
  Carrageenan (Carraguard)
  Carrageenan gum (Carraguard)
  Carrageenin (Carraguard)
  Carraguard (Carraguard)
  Cellulose sulfate (Ushercell)
  Cellulose sulphate (Ushercell)
  Formaldehyde-sodium 2-naphthal...
  Hydroxyethyl cellulose
  Irish moss extract (Carraguard)
  Naphthalene 2-sulfonate polymer
  PC-515 (Carraguard)
  PC515 (Carraguard)
  PMPA gel
  PRO 2000
  PRO 2000/5
  SPL 7013 (VivaGel)
  SPL-7013 (VivaGel)
  SPL7013 (VivaGel)
  SPL7013 gel (VivaGel)
  Sodium cellulose sulfate (Ushercell)
  Sodium cellulose sulphate (Ushercell)
  UC 781
  Ushercell (Ushercell)
  VivaGel (VivaGel)
  Non-nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
  Rilpivirine (TMC278)
  Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
  HDP 99.0003
  KP-1212 [metabolized drug]
  SN1212 [metabolized drug]
  Opportunistic Infection and Other Drugs
  AMP (Ampligen)
  Acido valproico
  Ampligen (Ampligen)
  Atvogen (Ampligen)
  Divalproex sodium
  PA 457
  PA457 cpd
  Poly I:poly C12U (Ampligen)
  Poly(I)-Poly(C12U) (Ampligen)
  Valproic acid