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Progress Review Groups (PRGs)

Using NCI's current research program as a baseline, a Progress Review Group (PRG) identifies priority areas for research. The final product of a PRG is a report listing research priorities and the resources that we need if we are to achieve them. The priorities identified by each PRG in its report have a real and proven impact on NCI's scientific plans and priorities, both within the Institute and throughout our Extramural Program.

PRGs provide a framework within which we can determine whether our existing initiatives and programs are sufficient to aid the research community in addressing priority areas and help us identify areas in which new or additional support is required. By highlighting key research priorities, PRG reports galvanize the research community to undertake projects in specific areas of scientific need.

Because of this influence on researchers and research programs at NCI and across the Nation, each PRG report can be considered a truly "national" plan.

The Progress Review Group Primer provides an overview of the PRG process and guidelines for planning and conducting the process. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.

List of Progress Review Group Reports

Last Reviewed:  June 29, 2007