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  Fee Schedule for Using the Contract
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Contact Information
  Karen Kaczorowski
Project Officer - Patient Travel
Phone: (301) 496-2341


Contract Information

The Project Office for the NIH Travel Management Center (TMC) contract for Patient travel with Omega World Travel resides within the Clinical Center. The Project Office is responsible for the development, administration, performance monitoring, and logistical coordination of travel services provided to NIH patients through this contract. Travel service support is a mission critical function in the NIH's ability to recruit patients into the research protocals for the various Institutes.

Omega has a permanent office on campus. The on-campus office (reserved for patient travel requirements only), open 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., is located in Building 10, Room 1-4553.

Omega has extensive experience serving Federal and Non-Federal travelers. Coupled with this, they will provide the NIH with updated and technologically advanced accounting and reservation systems; reservations methods will continue to include fax, email or on-line at the DTTS's travel web page; lowest fare guarantees; and, for a fee, conference and meeting planning services.

The Project Office is committed to ensuring that the needs of our NIH patient travelers are being met. Should you have any questions, comments pertaining to the services provided through the TMC contract, please contact Karen Kaczorowski (301) 496-2341.

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Features of the Contract

Omega brings many exciting and new features for the NIH under this contract. Some of the service highlights include:

Updated and technologically advanced accounting and reservation systems;
Reservations made via email and fax;
Lowest fare guarantees;
Fee-for-service conference and meeting planning services from coordination of lodging, food and beverage service to negotiating conference contracts and group rates;
Multiple enhanced management reports;
Upgraded telephone and fax system;
Website just for NIH travelers;
Emergency back-up and 24-hour emergency customer support;
Special Services Desk.

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Fee Schedule for Using the Contract

A requirement of this contract is that non-refundable service fees will be charged for each transaction that involves an airline ticket being issued. This includes all travel booked through Omega (patient, official government, and travel for authorized non-government travelers). These fees are a necessary part of the contract due to the ever-decreasing commissions paid to the travel agencies by the airlines. As a link below, please find a fee-for-service fact sheet that will be helpful in understanding when a fee applies. Please pay special attention to the examples pertaining to the cancellation and re-issuance of a ticket.

The particular fees associated with each type of travel are listed below. As you can see, the associated fees decrease depending on the method you choose to book your travel (by email/fax, by phone). Electronic booking capabilities will be available in the near future.

Patient Travel Reservation Service

Electronic Booking $0.00 per ticket issued
Email/Fax: $23.50 per ticket issued
Phone/In-person: $30.50 per ticket issued

Ticket Delivery

E-Ticket: No charge
NIH Accountable Mail System: No charge
USPS: No charge
Overnight Mail (FedEx): $5.51

The ORS and Omega asks that you ensure ample funds are obligated to cover these fees.

We have also developed an Omega fee-for-service fact sheet.

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Performance Standards of the Patient Contract

Another important feature of this contract is that it is performance-based. The ORS worked very hard to ensure that the NIH customer service needs would be met and exceeded. These performance standards include:

  • 98% of all quarterly reservations will be complete and accurate;
  • 97% of all quarterly reservations for air travel will have the lowest logical fare based on NIH travel policy and travelers requests;
  • 85% of all quarterly customer phone calls will be answered with 20 seconds or three rings;
  • 90% of all quarterly telephone holding times will average no more than 2 minutes;
  • 90% of all quarterly customer phone messages will be returned within an average of 2 business hours: and,
  • 97% of all quarterly requesters/users rate the vendor at least an average on a written survey.

If for some reason, Omega does not meet the stated performance standards during each quarterly review, they will be penalized by reducing the transaction fees.


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