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Division of International Relations (DIR)

The Division of International Relations (DIR) develops new partnerships between U.S. scientists, institutions and counterparts abroad to advance research and training in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. DIR works on behalf of Fogarty and the whole of NIH to identify opportunities for collaboration with foreign science funding agencies, the U.S. Department of State, U.S. technical agencies and international organizations.

Director: Jim Herrington, Ph.D., M.P.H.
East Asia and the Pacific: Tina Chung, M.P.H.
Europe and European Union: Marya Levintova, Ph.D.
Middle East/North Africa/Sub-Saharan Africa: Judy Levin, M.S.Sc.
Multilateral Affairs: George Herrfurth, M.A.
Western Hemisphere Region: Kevin Bialy, B.A.
South Asia: Thomas Mampilly, M.P.H.
Russia/Eurasia/Arctic Affairs: Marya Levintova, Ph.D.

Dr. Zerhouni and Dr. Bhan from India, sign an Indo-U.S. agreement at a Stone House ceremony. Seven staff members stand on the side and behind them, including Fogarty director Dr. Roger Glass.
Dr. Zerhouni and Dr. Bhan of India sign an Indo-U.S. agreement
at the Stone House.

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