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Partner Spotlight: The In-Store Broadcasting Network (IBN)

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The NDEP's success is due to its extensive partnership network of over 200 partners at the federal, state, and local level. Find out more about how to become an NDEP partner. Take advantage of all the support, resources, tools, and expertise the NDEP offers for educating your organization's constituents.

Partner Guidelines (PDF* 120k)


How To Become an NDEP Partner

Fill out this quick form indicating your interest in becoming an NDEP partner and the NDEP will contact you.

Diabetes Community Partnership Guide

Learn how to launch and sponsor diabetes activities in your community, including guidelines and tips to help you start partnerships, plan activities, and raise community awareness.

CDC Partnership Website

Check out CDC's Team NDEP website and learn about ways you can become an active partner with the NDEP.

NDEP Logos and Banners

Help promote the NDEP by creating a link to our website and adding our logo or banner to your site.


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