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Open communication and interactive partnerships at the federal, state, and international levels are crucial for the success of NTP activities. The NTP works closely with agencies represented on the NTP Executive Committee to address issues of importance to public health. Through relationships with regulatory agencies, the NTP has an indirect role in shaping public health policy. Federal and state government agencies rely on the scientific knowledge and its interpretation provided by the NTP to make credible decisions that protect public health and the environment.

The NTP also plays a critical role in:

  1. Fostering interagency collaborations in research and exposure assessment
  2. Providing information to regulatory agencies about alternative methods for toxicity testing, interpretation
  3. Exploring new technologies for evaluating how environmental agents cause disease

NTP conferences and workshops provide an opportunity for researchers, regulatory, policy makers, and the public to examine issues together, exchange information, and reach agreement on future directions of toxicology and risk assessment.