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Unless noted, all telephone numbers are in area code +1 301.

Subject Name Telephone E-mail
Advisory Board Eiss, Robert 496-1415 eissr@mail.nih.gov
AIDS/TB Program McDermott, Jeanne 496-1492 mcdermoj@mail.nih.gov
Arctic Affairs Levintova, Marya 496-5404 levintovam@mail.nih.gov
Behavioral Research Program Michels, Kathleen 435-6031 michelsk@mail.nih.gov
Bioethics Program Sina, Barbara 402-9467 sinab@mail.nih.gov
Budget Bielenstein, Danielle 402-9034 bielensd@mail.nih.gov
Communications Puderbaugh, Ann 402-8614 puderba@mail.nih.gov
East Asia Chung, Tina 496-4784 tc304t@nih.gov
Ecology of Infectious Dieases Program Rosenthal, Joshua 496-1653 rosenthj@mail.nih.gov
Environmental Program Rosenthal, Joshua 496-1653 rosenthj@mail.nih.gov
Eurasia Levintova, Marya 496-5404 levintovam@mail.nih.gov
Europe & European Union Levintova, Marya 496-5404 levintovam@mail.nih.gov
Evaluations Kupfer, Linda 496-3288 kupferl@mail.nih.gov
Framework Programs Katz, Flora 402-9591 katzf@mail.nih.gov
Grants: Administrative Questions Butrum, Bruce 496-1670 butrumB@nih.gov
International Representatives Herrfurth, George 496-4784 herrfurg@mail.nih.gov
Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa Levin, Judy 402-1616 levinj@mail.nih.gov
Modeling McKenzie, Ellis 496-0815 mckenzel@mail.nih.gov
North Africa Levin, Judy 402-1616 levinj@mail.nih.gov
Pacific Chung, Tina 496-4784 tc304t@nih.gov
Passports & Visas Fuentes, Sandra 496-3441 fuentess@mail.nih.gov
Russia Levintova, Marya 496-5404 levintovam@mail.nih.gov
Security Training Smith, Marcia 496-4625 smitmarc@mail.nih.gov
South Asia Mampilly, Thomas 402-6212 mampillyt@mail.nih.gov
Strategic Planning Kupfer, Linda 496-3288 kupferl@mail.nih.gov
Tobacco Program Primack, Aron 496-4596 primacka@mail.nih.gov
Western Hemisphere Region Bialy, Kevin 496-6273 bialyk@mail.nih.gov
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