5:40AM 5:52AM 5:55AM 5:58AM 6:01AM  6:21AM
6:15AM 6:27AM 6:30AM 6:33AM 6:36AM  6:56AM
6:30AM 6:42AM 6:45AM 6:48AM 6:51AM  7:11AM
6:45AM 6:57AM 7:00AM 7:03AM 7:06AM  7:26AM
7:00AM 7:12AM 7:15AM 7:18AM 7:21AM  7:41AM
7:15AM 7:27AM 7:30AM 7:33AM 7:36AM  7:56AM
7:30AM 7:42AM 7:45AM 7:48AM 7:51AM  8:11AM
7:45AM 7:57AM 8:00AM 8:03AM 8:06AM  8:26AM
8:00AM 8:12AM 8:15AM 8:18AM 8:21AM  8:41AM
8:15AM 8:27AM 8:30AM 8:33AM 8:36AM  8:56AM
8:30AM 8:42AM 8:45AM 8:48AM 8:51AM  9:11AM
8:45AM 8:57AM 9:00AM 9:03AM 9:06AM  9:26AM
9:00AM 9:12AM 9:15AM 9:18AM 9:21AM  9:41AM
9:15AM 9:27AM 9:30AM 9:33AM 9:36AM  9:56AM
9:30AM 9:42AM 9:45AM 9:48AM 9:51AM 9:54AM10:11AM
9:45AM 9:57AM10:00AM10:03AM10:06AM10:09AM10:26AM
4:00PM 4:12PM 4:15PM 4:18PM 4:21PM  4:41PM
4:15PM 4:27PM 4:30PM 4:33PM 4:36PM  4:56PM
4:30PM 4:42PM 4:45PM 4:48PM 4:51PM  5:11PM
4:45PM 4:57PM 5:00PM 5:03PM 5:06PM  5:26PM
5:00PM 5:12PM 5:15PM 5:18PM 5:21PM  5:41PM
5:15PM 5:27PM 5:30PM 5:33PM 5:36PM  5:56PM
5:30PM 5:42PM 5:45PM 5:48PM 5:51PM  6:11PM
5:45PM 5:57PM 6:00PM 6:03PM 6:06PM  6:26PM
6:00PM 6:12PM 6:15PM 6:18PM 6:21PM  6:41PM
6:15PM 6:27PM 6:30PM 6:33PM 6:36PM  6:56PM

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