Summaries & Associations of Study Results

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Special Reports

The NTP has assembled special summaries and associations of the results of NTP studies based on repeated requests for the same information.

  • Organ Sites associated with neoplasia. This provides a table with the organs and counts of NTP studies with chemical-related neoplasias at that site. There are links to identify the individual chemicals and the Technical Report abstracts.

  • Target Sites in 2-year Studies. This option takes you to a search to identify Target Organs/Sites and the NTP's calls on the "Levels of Evidence" of carcinogenicity/toxicity from Individual 2-year Studies.

  • List of 2-yr Studies by Report No. This option provides access to NTP studies by Technical Report number. Within each range is a list of the studies with links to the Abstract, Levels of Evidence, Testing Status and display of the Evidence of Carcinogenicity.

  • Carcinogenicity / Mutagenesis Comparison. This links to a table showing the relationship between the mutagenesis results of Salmonella and of Micronucleus evaluations and the 2-year carcinogenesis study results of a test agent.