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Fogarty International Center Staff Listing, Bethesda, MD 20892

Office of the Director

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.1415 - Fax: 301.402.2173

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: Roger I. Glass, M.D., Ph.D. glassr@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-1415
Deputy Director: Michael P. Johnson, M.D. johnsonmp@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-1415
Sr. Public Health Advisor: Robert Eiss eissr@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-2968
Staff Assistant: Kathleen Stover, M.A.S. stoverka@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-1415
Secretary: Sophia Lalekos lalekosso@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-1415
Program Assistant: Kristen Weymouth (Contractor) weymouthk@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C02 301-496-1415

Office of Administrative Management and International Services

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.4625 - Fax: 301.402.1135

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Executive Officer: Timothy J. Tosten, M.P.A. tostent@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
Management Analysis Officer: Marcia Smith smitmarc@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C05 301-402-9046
Senior Administrative Officer: Lauren Sikes sikesl@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
Administrative Officer and Stone House Manager:
William "Mike" Martin
martinwilliam@mail.nih.gov 16/118 301-496-1213
Administrative Officer: Tammy Floyd floydtammy@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
Administrative Technician: Yolanda Johnson johnsony@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
Budget Officer: Danielle Bielenstein, M.A. bielensd@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-402-9034
Budget Analyst: Belinda Ancarrow ancarrob@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
International Travel Assistant/ Passport Agent: Sandra Fuentes fuentess@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C05 301-496-3441
International Travel Assistant/Passport Agent: Jeff Chen chenj@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C05 301-496-3441
Administrative Assistant: Sharon McGriff smcgriff@mail.nih.gov 31/ B2C08 301-496-4625
Clerk: Bertha Solis solisb@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-4625
Chief Information Officer: Julie Burke burkej@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-496-9064
Information Technology Specialist: Alisa McCullar mccullaa@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C08 301-402-8997
Software Systems Engineer: Archana Mohale (Contractor) mohalea@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C05 301-402-9060
Computer Analyst: Farid Jarrous (Contractor) jarrousf@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-402-5064
Stone House Contact: Michelle Jean-Pierre (Contractor) jeanpiem@mail.nih.gov 16/118 301-496-1215
Stone House: Maria Toro (Contractor) 16/118 301-496-1215

Office of Communications

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.2075 - Fax: 301.594.1211

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: Ann Puderbaugh, B.S.J. puderba@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-402-8614
Public Affairs Specialist: Jeff Gray, B.A., M.A. grayjeffrey@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-402-6680
Public Affairs Specialist: Ira Allen, B.S. (Contractor) alleni@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-496-8734

Grants Management

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.1415 - Fax: 301.594.1211

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Chief Grants Management Officer: Bruce Butrum butrumb@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-496-1670
Grants Management Specialist: Elizabeth Cleveland clevelande@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-451-6830
Grants Management Specialist: Angela Smith smitha2@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-402-9592
Grants Management Specialist: Rhea Hubbard hubbardrhea@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C29 301-496-5710

Division of International Science Policy, Planning and Evaluation

Building 16 (Stone House) - MSC: 6705
Tel: 301.496.1491 - Fax: 301.496.8496

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: Karen Hofman, M.D.
Dr. Hofman is currently working in South Africa
hofmank@mail.nih.gov 16/202A 301-496-2571
Acting Director: Linda Kupfer, Ph.D. kupferl@mail.nih.gov 16/207 301-496-3288
Secretary: Susan Harrison, B.A. harrisos@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-1491
Investigator Emeritus: Richard Krause, M.D. krauser@mail.nih.gov 16/208 301-496-7611
Advisor, Public-Private Partnerships and Legislative Affairs: Nalini Anand, J.D. anandn@mail.nih.gov 16/211 301-402-7348
Secretary: Mantra Singh, B.A. singhma@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-4162
Consultant: Dean Jamison, Ph.D. jamisond@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-4162
Program Analyst: Milagros Ruiz, B.A. ruizm@mail.nih.gov 16/206 301-594-7857
Science Policy Analyst: Ramkripa Raghavan, M.Sc. (Contractor) raghavar@mail.nih.gov 16/210 301-496-1739
Policy Analyst: Sejal Mistry, M.H.S., M.A. (Contractor) mistrys@mail.nih.gov 16/210 301-496-2674
Bioethicist: Joseph Millum, Ph.D. millumj@mail.nih.gov 16/302 301-496-2087
Evaluation Officer: Rachel Sturke, Ph.D., M.P.H., M.I.A. (Contractor) sturkerachel@mail.nih.gov 16/215 301-480-6025
At-Large Presidential Management Fellow: Emily Rugel, M.P.H. rugele@mail.nih.gov 16/206 301-443-3411

Division of International Relations

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.4784 - Fax: 301.480.3414

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: James Herrington, Ph.D., M.P.H herringtonj@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-4784
Staff Assistant to Director: Melissa Harris mjharris@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-5903
Secretary: Patricia Jordan-Williams jordanwp@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-4784
East Asia and the Pacific: Tina Chung, M.P.H. chungt@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-5164
Europe and European Union: Marya Levintova, Ph.D. levintovam@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-5404
Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa: Judy Levin, M.S.Sc. levinj@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-402-1616
Multilateral Affairs: George Herrfurth, M.A. herrfurg@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-402-1615
Russia, Eurasia, and Arctic Affairs: Marya Levintova, Ph.D. levintovam@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-5404
South Asia (Indian subcontinent): Thomas Mampilly, M.P.H. mampillyt@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-402-6212
Western Hemisphere Region: Kevin Bialy, B.A. bialyk@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-6273
Program Assistant: Ayesha Shaukat (Contractor) shaukatam@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C11 301-496-4784

Division of International Training and Research

31 Center Drive - MSC: 2220
Tel: 301.496.1653 - Fax: 301.402.0779

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: Ken Bridbord, M.D., M.P.H. bridbork@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1653
Deputy Director: Josh Rosenthal, Ph.D. joshua_rosenthal@nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1653
Program Officer: Flora Katz, Ph.D. katzf@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-402-9591
Program Officer: Xinghzhu Liu, M.D., Ph.D. liuxing@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1653
Program Officer: Jeanne McDermott, Ph.D., C.N.M., M.P.H. mcdermoj@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1492
Program Officer: Kathleen Michels, Ph.D. michelsk@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-435-6031
Program Officer: Aron Primack, M.D. primacka@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-4596
Program Officer: Barbara Sina, Ph.D. sinab@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-402-9467
Senior Program Specialist: Mildred Hatton hattonm@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1653
Program Assistant: Maria "Mili" Ferreira ferreima@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-594-9778
Staff Assistant: Katrina Blair, M.A. blairk@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-451-9713
Supervisor, FIC/DEAS: Tu Tran trantu@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-7613
Task Leader, FIC/DEAS: Francine Hill hillf@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-435-6029
Extramural Support Assistant, FIC/DEAS: William Foley foley@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-402-5011
Extramural Support Assistant, FIC/DEAS: Demaris Wooten wootende@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-7614
Grants Assistant, FIC/DEAS: Sean Jeffrey (Contractor) jeffreyse@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-4969
Grants Assistant, FIC/DEAS: Patricia Lee leepa@mail.nih.gov 31/B2C39 301-496-1653

Division of International Epidemiology and Population Studies (DIEPS)

Building 16 (Stone House) - MSC: 6705
Tel: 301.496.1491 - Fax: 301.496.8496

Title and Name E-mail Bldg/Rm Telephone
Director: Mark Miller, M.D. millemar@mail.nih.gov 16/217 301-496-3110
Staff Assistant: Cherice Holloway, B.A. hollowac@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-0815
Senior Scientific Advisor: Joel Breman, M.D., D.T.P.H. bremanj@mail.nih.gov 16/214 301-402-9257
Senior Scientist: Ellis McKenzie, Ph.D. mckenzel@mail.nih.gov 16/306 301-496-2147
Staff Scientist: Cecile Viboud, Ph.D. cviboud@mail.nih.gov 31/305 301-496-8735
Research Associate: Rebecca Freeman-Grais, Ph.D. freeman@u444.jussieu.fr Paris  
Research Associate: Wendy Prudhomme O'Meara, Ph.D. prudhomme@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-0815
Research Assistant: Stephanie Psaki, M.H.S. psakis@mail.nih.gov 16/308 301-496-8735
Research Assistant: Stephanie Richard, M.H.S. richardst@mail.nih.gov 16/308 301-594-0796
Research Assistant: Jessica Seidman, M.H.S. seidmanj@mail.nih.gov 16/308 301-496-0429
Guest Researcher: Helen Broutin-de-Magny, Ph.D. broutinh@mail.nih.gov 16/303 301-496-2590
Guest Researcher: Corinne Ringholz ringholzc@mail.nih.gov 16/308 301-496-2590

Guest Researcher: Yesim Tozan, Ph.D.
tozan@bu.edu Boston Univ. School of Public Health 617-414-1209
Senior Research Fellow: Ottar Bjornstad, Ph.D. onb1@psu.edu Penn State Univ 814-863-2983
Senior Research Fellow: Bryan Grenfell, Ph.D. grenfell@psu.edu Penn State Univ 814-865-6080
Senior Research Fellow: Eddie Holmes, Ph.D. ech15@psu.edu Penn State Univ 814-863-4689
Senior Reseach Fellow: John Nuckols, Ph.D. John.Nuckols@ColoState.EDU 16/307 301-436-2027
Research Fellow: Christine Jessup, Ph.D. jessupc@mail.nih.gov 16/309 301-496-1932
Research Fellow: Wladimir Alonso, Ph.D. alonsow@mail.nih.gov Origem Consultoria Cientifica Ltda. 301-496-0815
Research Fellow: Jong-Won Kang, M.D., Ph.D. kangj2@mail.nih.gov 16/307 301-496-2027
Research Fellow: Katharine Sturm-Ramirez, Ph.D. sturmrak@mail.nih.gov 16/309 301-402-5753
Post-doctoral Fellow: Louise Kelly-Hope, Ph.D. kelly-hopel@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-0815
Post-doctoral Fellow: Michael Levy, Ph.D. levymichael@mail.nih.gov 16/304 301-436-2677
Post-doctoral Fellow: Martha Nelson, Ph.D. nelsonma@mail.nih.gov Card Room 301-496-5203
RAPIDD Program Fellow: Juliet Pulliam, Ph.D. pulliamjuliet@mail.nih.gov 16/Card Room 301-402-5203
Disease Control Priorities Project (DCPP)
Secretary: Mantra Singh, B.A. singhma@mail.nih.gov 16/202 301-496-4162
Editor: Joel Breman, M.D., D.T.P.H. bremanj@mail.nih.gov 16/214 301-402-9257
Editor: Dean Jamison, Ph.D. djamison@globalhealth.ucsf.edu 16/202 301-496-4162
Editor: Anthony Measham, M.D., Dr.Ph. ameasham@worldbank.org 16/214 301-496-0815
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