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Consumer Feedback Form

The Office of Research Services, Division of Employee Services (ORS/DOES) is responsible for the management and administration of the NIH-wide performance based contract with Sign Language Associates, Inc. ( SLA ) to provide interpreting services to the NIH community.

In our efforts to continue providing exceptional interpreting services, we encourage our consumers to take a few moments to complete a Consumer Feedback Form.


 I.  Consumer Information

TERP Number:

TERP Name(s):

Your Name (Optional):

Institute/ Center Name:

Type of Event

Date of Event:

Location of Event (Optional):

 II. Interpreter

Please rate the interpreter on the following:

Did the interpreter dress appropriately?

Did the interpreter arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of event?

Did the interpreter talk with you about the job beforehand?

Did the interpreter stand or sit in the best place for you?

Did the interpreter use the appropriate language and/or mode of communication for you?

 III. Interpreting Services

Please rate the interpreting services provided on the following:

1. Sign Interpreting
(For Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing Consumers)

a. Finger Spelling

b. Facial Expression/Grammar

c. Reading of Sign Language

2. Voice Interpreting (For Hearing Consumers)

a. Interpreter's English grammar was accurate

b. Interpreted content/information was accurate

3. Communicating through the interpreter was comfortable and effective

4. Professional manner

5. Smoothness of communication flow

6. Smoothness of transition from one interpreter to another

 IV. Additional Comments


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