6:00AM 6:04AM 6:06AM 6:09AM 6:13AM 6:17AM 6:19AM 6:22AM
6:22AM 6:26AM 6:28AM 6:31AM 6:35AM 6:39AM 6:41AM 6:44AM
6:44AM 6:48AM 6:50AM 6:53AM 6:57AM 7:01AM 7:03AM 7:06AM
7:06AM 7:10AM 7:12AM 7:15AM 7:19AM 7:23AM 7:25AM 7:28AM
7:28AM 7:32AM 7:34AM 7:37AM 7:41AM 7:45AM 7:47AM 7:50AM
7:50AM 7:54AM 7:56AM 7:59AM 8:03AM 8:07AM 8:09AM 8:12AM
8:12AM 8:16AM 8:18AM 8:21AM 8:25AM 8:29AM 8:31AM 8:34AM
8:34AM 8:38AM 8:40AM 8:43AM 8:47AM 8:51AM 8:53AM 8:56AM
8:56AM 9:00AM 9:02AM 9:05AM 9:09AM 9:13AM 9:15AM 9:18AM
9:18AM 9:22AM 9:24AM 9:27AM 9:31AM 9:35AM 9:37AM 9:40AM
9:40AM 9:44AM 9:46AM 9:49AM 9:53AM 9:57AM 9:59AM10:02AM
12:58PM 1:02PM 1:04PM 1:07PM 1:11PM 1:15PM 1:17PM 1:20PM
1:20PM 1:24PM 1:26PM 1:29PM 1:33PM 1:37PM 1:39PM 1:42PM
1:42PM 1:46PM 1:48PM 1:51PM 1:55PM 1:59PM 2:01PM 2:04PM
2:04PM 2:08PM 2:10PM 2:13PM 2:17PM 2:21PM 2:23PM 2:26PM
2:26PM 2:30PM 2:32PM 2:35PM 2:39PM 2:43PM 2:45PM 2:48PM
2:48PM 2:52PM 2:54PM 2:57PM 3:01PM 3:05PM 3:07PM 3:10PM
3:10PM 3:14PM 3:16PM 3:19PM 3:23PM 3:27PM 3:29PM 3:32PM
3:32PM 3:36PM 3:38PM 3:41PM 3:45PM 3:49PM 3:51PM 3:54PM
3:54PM 3:58PM 4:00PM 4:03PM 4:07PM 4:11PM 4:13PM 4:16PM
4:16PM 4:20PM 4:22PM 4:25PM 4:29PM 4:33PM 4:35PM 4:38PM
4:38PM 4:42PM 4:44PM 4:47PM 4:51PM 4:55PM 4:57PM 5:00PM
5:00PM 5:04PM 5:06PM 5:09PM 5:13PM 5:17PM 5:19PM 5:22PM
5:22PM 5:26PM 5:28PM 5:31PM 5:35PM 5:39PM 5:41PM 5:44PM
5:44PM 5:48PM 5:50PM 5:53PM 5:57PM 6:01PM 6:03PM 6:06PM
(see Note)

Note: This is the last stop for the Campus Limited Shuttle. All passengers must disembark at this time.

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