6:00PM 6:03PM 6:06PM 6:09PM 6:12PM 6:15AM
6:20PM 6:23PM 6:26PM 6:29PM 6:32PM 6:35AM
6:40PM 6:43PM 6:46PM 6:49PM 6:52PM 6:55AM
7:00PM 7:03PM 7:06PM 7:09PM 7:12PM 7:15PM
7:20PM 7:23PM 7:26PM 7:29PM 7:32PM 7:35PM
7:40PM 7:43PM 7:46PM 7:49PM 7:52PM 7:55PM
8:00PM 8:03PM 8:06PM 8:09PM 8:12PM 8:15PM
8:20PM 8:23PM 8:26PM 8:29PM 8:32PM 8:35PM
8:40PM 8:46PM 8:49PM 8:52PM 8:55PM
9:00PM 9:06PM 9:09PM 9:12PM 9:15PM
9:20PM 9:26PM 9:29PM 9:32PM 9:35PM
9:40PM 9:46PM 9:49PM 9:52PM 9:55PM

NOTE:  1. Between 6:00 PM and 12:00 AM, the schedule below will be in effect. During this time the driver will not be available by pager.
            2. The driver will take passengers to their vehicles at Lots 41-B, NIH Metro Shelter and Children's Inn.
            3. Stops at Lot 41 only when requested.

This shuttle does not leave the campus at any time.

Please wait by the NIH Shuttle sign outside the North Lobby of the Clinical Center (Building 10) or designated waiting areas.

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For questions or comments regarding Shuttle Information, please contact davislou@ors.od.nih.gov

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