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Emergency Numbers: On Campus Dial 911, Off Campus Dial 9-911
Emergency Preparedness

The Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination (DEPC) is the principal emergency planning resource for the NIH and is responsible for coordinating all NIH resources essential to emergency planning and preparedness functions. This includes serving as the NIH Emergency Coordinator, planning for, and response to, large-scale national disasters...more

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Bulleted List Item Evacuation and Shelter in Place

Bulleted List Item NIH Emergency Management/Continuity of Operations Program (EM/COOP) (PowerPoint) - updated 01/04/07

Bulleted List Item Bomb Threat Checklist

Bulleted List Item Emergency Paging System for the
      Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Bulleted List Item Emergency Procedures for NIH Personnel (Doc) - updated 10/10/07


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Contact Information

For general emergency preparedness inquiries, please contact:

Division of Emergency Preparedness and Coordination

DEPC Staff
Michael L. Spillane, Director
Mary Ann Bell, Fire/Evacuation Drills
Ellen Gary, Red Alert Critical
James Stringfellow, SendWordNow