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NIH Child Care Center Wait List

(For Centers in Maryland ONLY)

The NIH has contracted with LifeWork Strategies, Inc. to oversee and administer a consolidated wait list for the three NIH-sponsored child care centers in Montgomery County, Maryland.

If you are interested in placing your child's name on the wait list for one or more of these centers, please review the On-line Wait List Registration Information below to familiarize yourself with the wait list procedure and selection practice for enrollment.


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Wait List Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
On-Line Wait List Registration Information    
  To familiarize you with the wait list procedures and selection practice for enrollment within the NIH Child Care Programs, please review the guidelines below:

  • The On-line Wait List Registration Form is used to place your child's name onto the NIH Child Care Programs wait list. This registration form is not an application and does not guarantee your child's enrollment into a program by the date specified on the form.
  • LifeWork Strategies, Inc. has been hired by the NIH solely to manage the NIH Child Care Programs wait list. LifeWork Strategies, Inc. is not involved in, nor do they participate in, the selection process for enrolling children in the child care centers.
  • Registration forms are kept in chronological order of when they are submitted to LifeWork Strategies, Inc. Your child is assigned a registration date not a number.
  • If you wish to have your child's name on more than one of the child care center's wait lists, you must note each of the centers you desire on the registration form.
  • Since there are many different factors that affect the enrollment selection process i.e., when children on the wait list have siblings already enrolled, or when children already enrolled age-out of programs, as well as the movement of children within the centers, there are too many variables to give an exact number or position on the wait list.
  • Enrollment determinations are made by the child care center only. Center enrollment is limited to the following priority order:

    • Parents or legal guardians who work for the NIH.
    • Employees of Federal agencies whose official duty station is an NIH facility.
    • Employees of other Federal agencies.

      NIH Contractors are not eligible to use the NIH Child Care Centers.

  • Parents/Guardians will only be contacted by the Center Director when a space becomes available for their child.
  • Parents/Guardians may call the child care center to discuss specific space availability within the program.
  • If you need to add a child, add a center, or change any of your information on your profile and you have already registered on-line, you must call LifeWork Strategies, Inc. to make those changes. Duplicate or incomplete registrations may cause a delay in processing your child's on-line wait list registration. To contact LifeWork Strategies, Inc. please call 1-800-777-1720.
  • Parents/Guardians registered on the wait list will be contacted by LifeWork Strategies, Inc. quarterly for follow-up to assure that their information is still accurate e.g., to verify their desire to continue to remain on the wait list and to be offered an opportunity to find alternate child care options while they wait.
  • LifeWork Strategies, Inc. will also conduct follow-up telephone calls when necessary to get updated information.

After you read these guidelines, if you are still interested in placing your child's name on the wait list, you may complete the On-line Wait List Registration Form.

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