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Planning and Space Management Supporting NIH priorities by providing safe, secure, sound, healthy, and attractive facilities

Facilities List

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NameCommon NameLocationFacility Manager (Phone)
01James Shannon BuildingBethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
02Building 2Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
03Building 3Bethesda Campus
04Building 4Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
05Building 5Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
06Buildings 6, 6 A and BBethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
07Building 7Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
08and8ABuilding 8Bethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
09Building 9Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
10Building 10Bethesda CampusKelvin Grant (301-451-3076)
1111Bethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
12Building 12 A & BBethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
12420ParklawnDr12420 Parklawn DrBethesda Campus
13Building 13Bethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
1414Bethesda CampusGary Dugan (301-402-5184)
14GroupBuilding 14Bethesda CampusGary Dugan (301-402-5184)
1515Bethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
15KWilson HouseBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
16Stone HouseBethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
1717Bethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
18and18TBuildings 18& 18TBethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
21Building 21Bethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
22Building 22Bethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
25Building 25Bethesda CampusGary Dugan (301-402-5184)
2828Bethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
28and28ABuildings 28&28ABethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
29Buildings 29, 29 A&BBethesda CampusDavid Shaw (301-496-1952)
29A29ABethesda CampusDavid Shaw (301-496-1952)
30Building 30Bethesda CampusSteve Leizear (301-402-3694)
31Claude Pepper BuildingBethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
32Building 32Bethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
33C.W. "Bill" Young CenterBethesda CampusHoward Keys (301-435-5547)
3434Bethesda Campus
35Porter Neuroscience Research CenterBethesda CampusStephanie Galloway (301-594-1795)
37Building 37Bethesda CampusDavid Shaw Acting (301-451-6047)
38National Library of MedicineBethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
38ALister Hill National Center for Biomedical CommunicationsBethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
40Vaccine Research CenterBethesda CampusDavid Shaw (301-496-1952)
41Building 41Bethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
45Natcher BuildingBethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
49Silvio O. Conte BuildingBethesda CampusSteve Leizear (301-402-3694)
50Louis Stokes LaboratoriesBethesda CampusRobert Jones (301-451-6654)
51New Fire StationBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
5600FishersLane5600 Fishers LaneBethesda Campus
60The Cloisters ConventBethesda CampusEdward Kim (301-451-2130)
6000ExecBlvd6000 Exec BlvdBethesda Campus
61Cloister - Study Recruitment OfficeBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
62Children's InnBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
64Building 64Bethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
65Safra Family LodgeBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
7201 Wisc AveGateway BuildingBethesda CampusRay Hainey (301-435-1685)
7550WisconsinAve7550 Wisconsin AveBethesda Campus
82Bloch BuildingBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
8901WisconsinAve8901 Wisconsin AveBethesda Campus
9190WisconsinAve9190 Wisconsin AveBethesda Campus
Gateway Visitors CenterGateway Visitors CenterBethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
MLP6Multi-Level Parking 6Bethesda CampusDavid Shaw Acting (301-451-6047)
MLP7Multi-Level Parking 7Bethesda CampusRobert Neeley (301-435-0021)
MLP8Multi-Level Parking 8Bethesda CampusDavid Shaw Acting (301-451-6047)
MPL10Multi-Level Parking 10Bethesda CampusTimothy Somin (301-594-1793)
OverflowSatelliteParkingLotOverflow Satellite Parking LotBethesda Campus
QuartersQuartersBethesda CampusRandall Davis (301-402-5184)
T39NIH Fitness CenterBethesda CampusJohn Dedeian (301-480-6110)
T46East CenterBethesda CampusGary Dugan (301-402-5184)


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