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Type 1 Diabetes Research

Reports and Strategic Plans

New Evaluation Report on the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research, August 2007

Advances and Emerging Opportunities in Type 1 Diabetes Research: A Strategic Plan, August 2006
Developed under the auspices of the statutory Diabetes Mellitus Interagency Coordinating Committee.

Summary of the Expert Panel Meeting on the Special Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research, January 18-19, 2005 (PDF)

Special Statutory Funding for Type 1 Diabetes Research: Report on Progress and Opportunities, April 2003 Report | HHS Press Release

Interim Evaluation Report on Research on the Prevention and Cure of Type 1 Diabetes Funded Through the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (Submitted to Congress in 2000)

Scientific Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops Related to Type 1 Diabetes Research

Clinical Proteomics in Diabetes and its Complications July 20, 2007 Meeting Website
Advances Toward Measuring Diabetic Retinopathy and Neuropathy: From the Bench to the Clinic and Back Again April 4-5, 2007 Meeting Agenda (Word)
Drug Screening for Diabetic Complications October 5-6,2006 Meeting Summary (Word)
Imaging the Pancreatic Beta Cell in Health and Disease April 24-25, 2006 Meeting Website
Genetics of Diabetes and Its Complications: Consortia Meeting July 20, 2005 Executive Summary (PDF)
FDA/NIH Joint Symposium on Diabetes: Targeting Safe and Effective Prevention and Treatment May 13-14, 2005 Meeting Website
Meeting Summary (PDF)
Abstract Book (PDF)
Biostatistical Issues and the Design of Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet Protocols March 7, 2005 Meeting Website
Drug Screening for Hyperglycemic Cellular Injury Meeting February 7-8, 2005 Meeting Summary
Expert Panel Meeting on the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research January 18-19, 2005 Meeting Summary
NIDDK/NCRR Beta Cell Working Group May 2004 Report (DOC)
Immunobarriers for Pancreatic Islet Transplantation March 29-30, 2004 Meeting Summary (PDF)
Abstract Book (PDF)
Urologic Complications in Diabetes December 3-4, 2003 Presentations
NHLBI Working Group--Cardiovascular Complications of Type 1 Diabetes: Identifying New Opportunities for Prevention and Treatment April 27-28, 2003 Meeting report published in Circulation, 111: 3489-93, 2005
Proteomics in Diabetes April 24-25, 2003 Meeting Website
Imaging the Pancreatic Beta Cell April 21-22, 2003 Meeting Website
Final Meeting Report (PDF)
Metabolic Imprinting and the Long-Term Complications of Diabetes Mellitus: Bench to Bedside and Back: 20th Anniversary of the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)/Epidemiology of Diabetes Interventions and Complications Study (EDIC) April 10-11, 2003 Meeting Summary (PDF)
Advisory Meeting on the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research May 16, 2002 Meeting Summary (PDF)

Diabetes Mellitus Interagency Coordinating Committee (DMICC) Meetings Related to Type 1 Diabetes Research

DMICC Member Overview of Diabetes-Related Activities September 20, 2007 Coming soon
Opportunities for Diabetes Clinical Research January 18-19, 2007 PDF
Update on Islet Transplantation May 30, 2006 PDF
HbA1c, Diabetes and Public Health December 12, 2005 PDF
Update on Current and Planned Initiatives March 21, 2005 PDF
Meeting on Islet Transplantation November 23, 2004 PDF
Meeting on the Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research July 28, 2004 PDF
Use of Special Funds for Type 1 Diabetes Research April 14, 2003 PDF
Opportunities for Research to Develop New Therapies for Vascular Complications of Diabetes April 11, 2003 PDF

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