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2008 NIH Child Care Needs Assessment & Benchmark Study (DOC)

In the Fall of 2007, the Office of Research Services, using NIH set-aside funds, conducted an assessment of NIH Child Care Services. The report, presented to NIH Leadership in January 2008, included Benchmark Data from 12 other agencies and organizations.

2005 NIH Child Care Survey

In December 2005, the Office of Research Services conducted a follow-up survey to gauge the improvements in services and measure current demand/need.

2001 NIH ORS Child Care Needs Assessment Survey

In September 2001, the Office of Research Services conducted an on-line child care survey to understand the importance of child care to the retention and recruitment of talented people who make up the NIH, and to determine the child care needs of the NIH community.

The NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development

The most comprehensive child care study conducted to date to determine how variations in child care are related to children's development.


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Mary Ellen Savarese
Child Care Programs Manager
(301) 402-8180

Tonya Lee
Quality Assurance Specialist
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