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Ethics Topics

  • Outside Activities: Information on personal activities with outside organizations, including criteria for approval, prohibitions, forms, detailed instructions for submission, and review. Also included is information on the status of foreign entities, activities with private foundations, use of your official title, clearance requirements for Visa holders, and many other topics dealing with outside activities.

  • Official Duty Activities: Information and NIH policy to identify types of activities conducted as part of your official duty, and level of approval needed. Included are NIH Official Policy Documents, Approval Request of Official Duty Activity, Copyright and Declaration of Financial Interest Issues, and Additional Guidelines for Official Duty Activities With Outside Organizations.

  • Financial Disclosure: Information on the types of financial disclosure, who must file, when, and which forms. Also includes information on Substantially Affected Organizations (SAO) and entities excluded from the SAO list, and the pre-employment clearance process for individuals filling SF-278 positions.

  • Gifts: Learn about the occasions and value of gifts permitted between employees and from outside sources, including the permitted exceptions of awards, free attendance at widely attended gatherings, and honorary degrees.

  • Managing Conflict of Interest: Information on recusal (disqualification), waivers, authorizations, regulatory exemptions, and how conflicts are resolved.

  • Recommendation Letters: Details on when use of NIH letterhead is permitted, types of permitted and prohibited letters, and when you can use your NIH signature block.

  • Seeking Employment and Post-Employment Prohibitions: Guidance for when disqualification is required while seeking other employment, and restrictions on what you can do after you leave Federal service.

  • Participation in Grants/Collaboration: Guidance for intramural scientists for participating in an extramural grant, e.g., as advisor or consultant.

  • Procurement Integrity: Effect of the Procurement Integrity Act on employees with procurement responsibilities, both current and former employees.

  • SGEs, IPAs and Contractors in the Workplace: Guidance for individuals working for NIH as Special Government Employees, Intergovernmental Personnel Act positions, and contractors. Also, requirements regarding reporting of IPA detailees and appointees to DECs.

  • Commissioned Officers: Information on multiple topics specific to Commissioned Officers, including specifically related ethics criteria and post employment restrictions.

  • Political Activities and Hatch Act: Information on permitted and prohibited political activities and lobbying.

Updated: 1/6/09