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  John Crawford
Project Officer
(301) 402-8180
  Patricia Thomas
Quality Assurance Specialist
(301) 402-8180
DATS Responsibilities   

The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS) has the responsibility for overseeing the food/concession services components at the NIH. Within the NIH food/concessions services arena, there are numerous vendors who handle different aspects of the food/concessions services.

The DATS responsibilities with both of these areas include:

  • Management, monitoring and administration of all contracts and use agreements with the NIH food vendors to ensure quality service to the NIH.
  • Administering customer point of sale and needs assessment surveys to gather data for improvements and to meet contact performance standards.
  • Interacting with NIH employees, visitors and patients concerning issues regarding the services provided by the food services vendors.
  • Ensuring through a partnership with the Division of Safety sanitarians that the dining centers and concession stands meet health codes.

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