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Statistical Study Sections

The following statistical study sections are part of the Center for Scientific Review's (CSR's) Health of the Population Integrated Review Group.

The Biostatistical Methods and Research Design (BMRD) Study Section reviews applications that focus primarily upon advancing techniques and technologies that address important statistical and mathematical problems, research design and methodological issues, and the modeling of phenomena relevant to biomedical, behavioral and scientific research. The applications that BMRD reviews include:

  • Generic methodological research to improve the validity, reliability, or precision of measures;
  • The development of statistical theory and mathematical models to analyze data, clinical trial intervention studies, and non-behavioral basic science;
  • Statistical research targeted at data structures developed in clinical trials;
  • Advanced uses of computer technology, testing technology, or computational modeling techniques on existing data sets; and
  • Applying techniques from other disciplines [e.g., genetics, neurology, computer science] to behavioral and social science topics, as well as other biomedical areas of research.

The emphasis and main focus of applications should be upon the methods, statistics, or modeling techniques. Please visit the CSR Web site to review the BMRD Meeting Roster and SRA.

The Health Services Organization and Delivery (HSOD) Study Section reviews health services research studies on inpatient, ambulatory, sub-acute, acute, community-based, rehabilitative and long-term care. The areas of research include:

  • Multidisciplinary investigations of the predictors, processes and outcomes of health services, including availability, access and acceptability;
  • Organization;
  • Decision-making;
  • Delivery, utilization and quality of care; and
  • Costs, cost-effectiveness and financing of health care.

Please visit the CSR Web site to review the HSOD Meeting Roster and SRA.

The Modeling and Analysis of Biological Systems (MABS) Study Section reviews applications (R01, R21, SBIR/STTR, etc.) that develop modeling/enabling technologies for understanding the complexity of biological systems. Specific areas covered by MABS include:

  • Data integration into models;
  • Computational systems and tools for model construction, analysis, and simulation;
  • Sensitivity analysis;
  • Optimization techniques;
  • Dimensional analysis;
  • Structural analysis (topology);
  • Emergent properties of complex systems;
  • Model visualization;
  • In silico modeling;
  • Multiscale/multilevel modeling; and
  • Modeling of evolving and adaptive systems.

Please visit the CSR Web site to review the MABS Meeting Roster and SRA.

Other relevant Study Sections for Biostatistical grants include the following:

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